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Lean Sigma IT Solutions (LSIT Solutions) is your business partner in process improvement. We help your organization to be functionally proficient and financially profitable.

We provide applications, technical and business skill enhancing training solutions, consultancy and outsourcing services. We carefully craft and develop customized business solutions that ensure quality, quicken delivery and ultimately reduce cost.

By combining lean and six sigma with digital capabilities we ensure your company can eliminate waste significantly, save more money and eventually execute your business strategies efficiently.

We provide the expertise and tools that you need to accelerate your progress and transform your business.

LSIT Sol. offers more than 200 online, offline courses through live participations and cloud. On-site workshops and drillings are conducted as per demand. Crafting business applications for business to business, business to consumer and business to government sectors are our specialty. Using Six Sigma, a result-oriented practical approach, LSIT Sol. provides you with all the support to develop critical leadership architecture that gives your business an edge to win. 


Core Competencies:

Zero waste

  1. Engagement
  2. Resource management
  3. Optimization
  4. Waste management
  5. Applications
  6. Six sigma utilities
  7. Total collaboration

8. Efficiency


Our 5C Values:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Contextualization
  3. Collaboration
  4. Comprehensive solution
  5. Continuous improvement



To be the Driver for our Clients’ business growth.


Mission :

To provide good quality services at reasonable cost and add value to the engagement by partnering with our clients, right from initiation stage till the implementation stage and act as catalyst in enhancing our client’s Process Excellence Initiatives thus ensuring ownership and successful delivery of services and exceeding clients expectation.


Our Services:


We provide trainings that are focused on business optimization. We train your workforce to stay aligned with business principles to ensure success.



We ensure, your company achieves desired goals by the deployment of best practices for the best result. We not only help you to set business strategy through consultancy but also show you how to implement them.



We understand sometimes you need some extra workforce to reach an extra mile towards your goal. Do not worry! We got you covered. LSIT Sol. will help you to shape your capacity by arranging outsourcing facilities for you.



We understand that success comes from executing ideas and efficiency ensures sustainability. Winning does not always require hard work. It requires smart work. We combine Lean and Six Sigma tools while crafting business applications for you. This enables you to track and manage your business data and you can guide your business to the right direction.

We not only make business applications for you but also train your workforce how to use them. You do not have to over produce anything or go out of stock if you use our tools. Your product quality will be improved and at the same time, you will be able to deliver your products faster.

We believe in the old saying that “a penny is saved is a penny earned.” We will help you to reduce waste in production and sales distribution and increase efficiency to maximize your profit. 

As process improvement experts, we don’t adopt a cookie-cutter approach to implementing Lean Six Sigma for our clients. While we draw from our experience with other clients in your industry, we know that each business is unique. We assess your business carefully and then create a strategy that’ll help you enjoy quantifiable benefits.


Why Six Sigma?

Six Sigma benefits in 3 perspectives:

1. Organization:

  1. Process improvement in every sphere of the business
  2. Hard data for business decisions
  3. Alignment with customers


2. Customer:

  1. Improvement in product quality and services
  2. Greater synergy with customer
  3. Lower price and faster response


3. Employee:

  1. Enhanced analytical, communication and presentation skills
  2. Opportunity to sharpen skills in innovative problem solving
  3. Career growth through knowledge, clarity and certification


Why Lean?

Lean enables you to reduce waste. Let us see how this tool helps your business:

  1. Lean lets you know what your customers care for
  2. Reduces non-value adding activities in the system, causing process to increase efficiency
  3. Faster process speed positively relates to less waste, less cost, less work in process, less complexity, higher quality and happier customer
  4. Eliminates root causes of the wastes.
  5. Focuses on one flow of work at a time thus ensures less break time and better result


Lean benefits have 2 trends

On the upward trend we get:

  1. More productivity
  2. Better quality
  3. On-time delivery
  4. Increased capacity
  5. Increased profit


On downward trend we get:

  1. Lower cost
  2. Fewer defects
  3. Improved lead time
  4. Utilized space
  5. Significantly less waste


Training Offerings:

We do know from our experience that just having all the tools does not do any good if we do not know how to use them. To use them we need effective trainings, both functional and soft-skills. LSIT Sol. can identify your training needs and give aids accordingly. LSIT Sol. offers more than 200 online, offline courses through live participations and cloud. On-site workshops and drillings are conducted as per demand well.

The most notable training we provide can be listed like this-

  1. Six Sigma (Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt)
  2. Lean Manufacturing
  3. ITIL (from foundation to specialization)
  4. Prince2
  5. ICDL
  6. C, C++, C# Programming
  7. Microsoft Office
  8. Business English
  9. IELTS
  10. Business Analysis
  11. Project Management
  12. Cisco (CCNA, CCNP, CCNA Security)
  13. Microsoft Project
  14. Data Science
  15. CompTIA
  16. Cyber Security
  17. CISSP
  18. Oracle BI
  19. AWS
  20. Leadership and Development
  21. Leadership, coaching and effective communication etc.

Internationally Recognized Instructors

Abdullah Al Mahbub

Lean Sigma IT Solutions



Arman Hakim Sagar

Software Developer

Aseef Ahmed

DevOps / Cloud Engineer / Consultant 7x AWS Certified / 8x Azure Certified / 2x GCP Certified

Ashish Halder

Consultant & Trainer - Network Security & Data Center

Bikash Ranjan Sarker

Technical Instructor


Senior English Teacher at LS IT SOLUTIONS



Jishu Tarafder

Professional Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Md Rakibul Hafiz Faysal

CCIE (Sec)# 64317, PCNSE, NSE7, JNCIP(Sec)

Md. Al-Amin

Oracle Certified Professional

Md. Rowson Al mamun

Sr. Database Trainer

Minjurul Haque

Ethical hacker and professional programmer

Mohammad Samsuddin Rana

Project Manager

Nur Hossen


Panna Yesmin


Rajiv Purkayastha

Principal Consultant and Trainer (Certified Lean Six Sigma MBB) . 20 years of experience & more than 10 years in GCC (Qatar, Oman, UAE, Saudi), Europe, & South East Asia

Shahnaz Parveen

Prínciple Instructor Of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Sharif Ahmed


Somaiyah Sarwar

Senior Instructor



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