Minjurul Haque

Ethical hacker and professional programmer

About Me

Diligent Cyber Security is proficient in online security research planning execution and maintenance. Adapt at training and educating internal users on relevant cybersecurity procedures, preventative and preventive measures. Specialize in network monitoring security software installed and working to prevent cyber attacks especially in business and corporate settings.


  • Expert with the major gnu/Linux operating system.
  • All Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing VAPT including Physical VAPT.
  • Proficient with the processes associated with Shell scripting, PHP, Python, C, C++, Reactjs, and


  • Reverse Engineering with Exploit Development.
  • Experience with microcontrollers and Reverse Engineering of Embedded Architectures.
  • Experience with Social Engineering and OSINT.
  • Highly organized with an exceptional commitment to task completion and quality assurance when

working with computer programs.

  • Eagerness to inculcate new skills and learn about the latest technological aspects related to ethical hacking


  • EH ( Ethical Hacking)
  • Web Design
  • NSE 1 (Network Security Associate)
  • CNSS (Certified Network Security Specialist)


  • 1st Runner up in Cyber Security Challenge 2018.


  • Gardening With Machine learning.
  • This project was made by combining Automation Gardening with the machine learning help of IoT.I got the reward Project of the year for this project.
  • CANSAT (simulation of a real satellite)
  • Cansat is a simulation of a real satellite,integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drink can.project was selected for national cansat competition 2019 .


  • HunterOS
  • A arch linux based distro for cyber security.

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