Effective Communication Skills


1.0      Preamble


This course is designed to expose trainees to the fundamentals of academic and professional communication in order to develop professionals who can effectively apply communication theories and best practices to meet their academic and corporate communication needs.


2.0      Aims


The course aims to equip trainees with communication skills suitable for their academic purposes. It is further meant to develop in students skills necessary for effective communication in business and life in general.


3.0    Course Objectives

               On completion of this course trainees should be able to:

  • Identify key elements and principles of communication
  • Demonstrate understanding of the communication process
  • Describe their own communication strengths and growth areas
  • Demonstrate ability to prepare and present a short oral presentation
  • Describe and practice key listening skills
  • Prepare a clear and informative piece of written communication
  • Identify common communication problems that may be holding you back
  • Develop skills in asking questions that give you information you need
  • Learn what your non-verbal messages are telling others
  • Develop skills in listening actively and empathetically to others
  • Learn how to firmly stand your ground and make your feelings heard
  • Enhance your ability to handle difficult situations without being manipulated.

4.0      Course Duration


The contact time is 8 Classes spread over 4 weeks.


5.0      Methodology



The course will be taught mainly through lectures, tutorials, group discussions, simulations and student presentations.


6.0    Course Design


The course is divided into three Sections Section A  -Generic Communication

Section B  -    Academic and Professional Communication Section C  -                Business Communication

    1. Content


Section A


    1. Introduction to Communication


      • Communication defined
      • The process of communication
      • Models of communication
      • Communication barriers


    1. Communication for academic purposes


      • Introduction to academic writing
      • Summarizing, paraphrasing and argumentation skills
      • Avoiding plagiarism


    1. Non-verbal communication and Impression management


      • Introduction to non-verbal communication
      • Verbal and non-verbal communication relationships
      • Categories of non-verbal communication
      • Non-verbal communication barriers.



    1. Communication in Organisations
      • Formal communication networks in organizations
      • Informal communication networks
      • Computer- mediated communication (videoconferencing, intranet, e-mail, skype, groupware, Meet, Zoom etc.)
    2. Conflict Management and resolution strategies
      • Approaches to organizational conflict
      • Causes of conflict
      • Conflict handling strategies
      • Principles of negotiation
    3. Business Writing
      • Memos
      • Reports
      • Proposals
      • Press releases
      • Circulars, etc.
      • Plain English in corporate communication
    4. Public Speaking and Presentation skills
      • Effective public presentation skills
      • Audience analysis
      • Effective argumentation skills
      • Interview skills


Section B


    1. Technical Communication
      • Presenting technical information
      • Tables, graphs, charts, visuals and pictorials
      • Technical reports and proposals
      • Overcoming technical communication challenges

Section C


Persuasive Communication



Strategies for effective persuasive communication

  • Persuasive communication appeals ( pathos, logos, ethos)
  • Persuasive communication and advertising







    1. Communication and leadership


      • Leadership principles
      • Communication for effective leadership
      • Leadership and communication challenges


    1. Communication for organizational success


      • Communication function in management
      • Strategic communication for organizational success
      • Managing the communication function in organizations



9.0     Recommended Reading List


Human Communication 4Th Edition Paperback January 1, 2013 by PEARSON (Author)

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