Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

This course offers coverage of the Define, Measure, and Control phases in Six Sigma Methodology.

This course offers coverage of the Define, Measure, and Control phases in Six Sigma
Methodology. The Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification will prepare you for a deeper
understanding of Six Sigma. You will be prepared to collaborate with certified Black
Belt and Green Belts, as they work through even the most advanced Six Sigma

Learning Objectives
It provides an introduction to process management and the basic tools of Six Sigma,
giving employees a stronger understanding of processes, enabling each individual to
provide meaningful assistance in achieving the organization’s overall objectives.

1. Burning desire to do Lean six sigma/ Business Need
2. What is Quality, Cost and Speed
3. What is Six Sigma
4. What is Lean Manufacturing
5. Understanding the customer requirements (value)
6. How value is being delivered through Processes and importance of Flow to
reduce cost
7. Comparison of Lean & Six Sigma
8. Goal of Lean six sigma, Types of Lean six sigma belts
9. How to implement Lean Six Sigma in the organization
10. DMAIC Problem solving (Define, Measure, and Control phases in Six Sigma
11. SIPOC Diagram
12. Project Charter
13. Types of data, Data Collection Techniques
14. Operational definition
15. Descriptive statistics
16. Mean, Median, Mode & Standard Deviation
17. Histogram
18. Sigma Level calculations,
19. DPMO & Per million defects analysis
20. Pareto analysis
21. Types of Variation
22. Common cause variation
23. Special cause variation
24. Box Plot
25. Process mapping
26. 5-Why analysis
27. Cause & effect diagram
28. 8 Types of wastes
29. Scatter plot analysis
30. Kaizen
31. Time & Motion Study
32. Lead Time & Cycle Time calculation
33. Solution Generation Techniques
34. Control Chart applications
35. Poka Yoke
36. Case Studies

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Learn how to identify project selection and evaluation criteria.
  2. Learn how to lead, form, plan and execute six sigma and lean project
  3. implementations.
  4. Gain a comprehensive knowledge on the tools, techniques, advantages and
  5. challenges with the implementation of six sigma and lean methodologies.
  6. Learn how to assess, manage and mitigate project risk.
  7. Learn how to apply Lean and Six Sigma concepts to project implementations.
  8. Be eligible to write and pass the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification examination.

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