Microsoft Excel VBA



Course Outline:                                                                            

               1             The Macro Recorder                                                   

                              I              Defining Macros                                            

                              II             Application of Macros                                 

                              III           Recording a Macro                                       

                              IV           Edit the recorded Macro and Shortcut Key                                         

                              V             Saving a Macro file                                       

                              VI           Macro Security Settings                              

                              VII          Running Macros                                                                        

                              VIII         Storage Location                                           

               2             VBA Fundamentals                                                       

                              I              What is Programming                                  

                              II             VBA Fundamentals                                        

                              III           Enable Developer Tab                                 

                              IV           VBE                                     

                              V             Writing a small VBA code                                          

               3             Building Procedures                                                    

                              I              How to create a sub procedure                                

                              II             Adding Comments                                        

                              III           Types of Procedure                                       

                              IV           Calling Procedure                                          

                              V             Passing Arguments to the procedure                                     

               4             Working with Excel VBA Functions                                                        

                              I              How to create functions                              

                              II             User Defined Functions                               

               5             Basics of VBA Coding                                                  

                              I              Assigning a variable                                      

                              II             Different ways of assigning variables                                     

                              III           Data types                                        

                              IV           Constants                                         

                              V             Operators                                         

               6             working with the dialog boxes                                                

                              I              MsgBox                             

                              II             Adding arguments to the msgBox                                          

                              III           Input Box usage                             

               7             working with the objects                                                          

                              I              Object Reference Model                                            

                              II             Range                                 

                              III           Cell Objects                                     

                              IV           Range Properties and Methods                                

                              V             Range Count Property                                  

                              VI           Mergecell Range                                           

                              VII          Range Select                                    

                              VIII         Selection of Rows and Columns                               

                              IX            Difference between Dim and Set                                            

                              X             Understanding Worksheet Object                                          

                              XI            Worksheet properties and method                                        

                              XII          Understanding Workbook object                                           

                              XIII         How to Delete workbook                                           

                              XIV         Application Objects                                      

                              XV          Object Browser                              

               8             Manipulating Excel Objects                                                      

                              I              Offset                                 

                              II             Application of Offset                                    

                              III           Offset property in VBA                                

               9             Loops                                                

                              I              Loops                                 

                              II             For-Next loop                                  

                              III           Do while loop                                 

                              IV           Do loop while                                  

                              V             Assignment                                      

                              VI           For Each Next                                 

               10           Events - Triggering code with Events                                                    

                              I              Creating Events Open Events                                    

                              II             Close Events                                    

                              III           Workbook Activate Events                                        

                              IV           Application Event                                          

               11           Creating Excel Add-ins                                                

                              I              Creating Excel Add-ins                                 

               12           Debugging And Error Handling                                                

                              I              Error Handling                                 

                              II             Debugging                                        

                              III           Speeding Up the VBA Tips                                         

               13           Working with the Arrays in VBA                                              

                              I              Array Function                                

                              II             Dynamic and Fixed Arrays                                         

                              III           Size of Array                                    

               14           Working with the Userforms                                                   

                              I              Selecting a Range with the Input Box                                    

                              II             An Introduction to UserForms                                  

                              III           Step by Step Process of Creating a Userform                                     

                              IV           How to create a userform canvas                                           

                              V             Adding Controls to the userform                                            

                              VI           How to set the properties to userform controls                                

                              VII          Adding codes to the form controls                                         

                              VIII         Allowing The User To Highlight A Range using VBA                                         

                              IX            Allowing The User To Highlight a Range using Userform                                

                              X             How to create scrollbars and spinbuttons in the userform                            

                              XI            Adding images to the Userform                               

                              XII          How to add an Image in the Userform using list box                                       

                              XIII         Adding Option Buttons in a Frame                                         

                              XIV         Multiple Tabs On A UserForm                                  

                              XV          Controlling Tab Order and Aligning Controls                                      

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