Core Java

This syllabus is a comprehensive study of Core Java. It contains complete industrial Java topics to learn the Java programming language in detail.

  1. Basics of java
  2. Class, objects and types of classes
  3. Package In java
  4. Data types in java
  5. Variables, constraints and literals
  6. Methods in java
  7. Constructors in java
  8. Memories in java
  9. Static keyword
  10. Final keyword
  11. Inner class in Java
  12. Super and this keyword
  13. OOPs concept
  14. Encapsulation
  15. Inheritance
  16. Polymorphism
  17. Abstraction
  18. Garbage collection
  19. Input, output stream
  20. Collections Framework
  21. Serialization
  22. Exception Handling in java
  23. Java Annotations
  24. Reflection in java
  25. Java Array
  26. String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder
  27. Java Thread
  28. JDBC


  1. Agile
  2. Design Pattern
  3. Database


Who is this course for?


IT professionals, fresh professional, and Engineering students from all Computer science/Information Technology professional degrees can learn complete Java programming language based on industry syllabus.


Professionals and students who want to get themselves certified in Java by SUN Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) examination can use this core java syllabus to learn and enhance their knowledge of Java during their preparation.


career opportunities for Core Java?


  • Software developer.               
  • Application developer.
  • Software developer.               
  • Java Programmer.
  • Tester.

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